Birthdays, are the most awaited and once in a year celebrations in everyone’s life. The joy of celebrating birthdays is associated with gifts, enjoyment, friends, family, cake, flowers, games, playing etc. But birthdays can be made more special, especially with thoughtful birthday gifts and well-planned celebrations. All these add up to the storehouse of surprises and the stories which are going to be talked about for the rest of the year. However, among all this, one of the most time-consuming things is choosing the perfect gift for your darling girlfriend or beloved wife. We all are aware of amazing gift ideas; however when it comes to picking up just one special gift to let the person know about your innermost emotions, then we all get confused. Well, no worries, as here are some romantic gift ideas to make the day special for your wife or girlfriend:

  1. Create a Memory Wall

This can be one of the best and most memorable gifts she can cherish all her life. Firstly, decide a theme for the wall, which might be around some recent vacation, her first birthday, her childhood memories, or may be a collection of all the snaps of romantic dates you guys have been to. However, choosing something related to you both will be a little easier, as you will not find it difficult to find her recent pictures, whereas getting her childhood photographs can be a little tedious task until you have someone in her family to help you with this. Once done with this, get these photographs framed in beautiful frames or you can also get these photographs on the top of personalize photo stones. Place them on a beautifully painted wall, preferable dark colored wall. And there you go; blind fold your girlfriend or wife and surprise her with your heartfelt efforts. With this you can be sure of witnessing a priceless smile on her face.

  1. Gift her a Jewelry Box with all her Favorite Jewelry pieces in it

Make a list of accessories she loves to wear along with her outfits. These can include bracelets, ear rings, anklets etc. Visit one of the best gifting portals which offers some unique designer jewelry. Buy some of them which you find impressive and of good quality. You can also buy a beautiful jewelry box and hide it nicely in her wardrobe with a sweet message inside. And while you gift this lovely birthday gift to her, make sure you don’t forget to shower her with flowers, to make it more special and romantic. Also, make sure the gift you go for goes well with the colors, designs, patterns which are her favorite; this will make her feel more special.

  1. Order a Delectable Cake

Cakes are one of the most loved delicacies by all, no matter how old you are, a mere sight of a yummy cake awakens the child inside you. Each one of us looks out for occasions or opportunities to savor a cake. So, why not make you girlfriend feel special with a huge yummy cake of her favorite flavor. And to add a personal touch, you can either go with a lovely heart touching caption or a photo cake. You can even buy some cute cupcakes which say ‘I LOVE YOU’. There are hundreds of unique designer cake ideas which you can choose to express your undying love for your beloved.

Your gift will be special when it is added with the personal touch, it will surely make your wife or girlfriend feel your love and care deeply. The gifts which you choose speak about your efforts as well as your love for the receiver, so always try to make it special and thoughtful.


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