There is no job or activity in the world that does not have an element of risk in it. There is a risk in even crossing a road. That does not mean that you do not cross the roads. You take the necessary precautions before doing so to avoid an accident. Similarly, there are risks involved when you book cheap flight tickets at lowest airfare online. The trick is in eliminating the risks. But, in order to do so, you should be aware of the risk.

Let us look at 5 simple mistakes people do when they book cheap flight tickets at lowest airfare. 

·         Not understanding the importance of browsing incognito

Frequent travellers never make this mistake as they are aware of the advantages of browsing incognito. But, casual travellers often make this mistake. Have you ever noticed that you get different rates for the same flights when you browse the website at different times? People attribute this to increase in demand. There is nothing of this sort. The computer is a smart fellow. These online travel search engines place cookies on your computer that track your browsing behaviour. So, the next time you browse the same website, these cookies send the signals that you have an additional interest in this particular flight. The search engines randomly increase the price thereby creating an artificial demand. Some people fall for this trap and end up paying more than they should do. The best way to outsmart the computer is either to browse incognito or clear the cookies every time you browse such websites. Do it onceto understand the difference.

·         Failure to check baggage rules

This is a very common mistake that even experienced people make when they book cheap flight tickets at lowest airfare. In their exuberance at saving a considerable amount, they forget to check out the baggage rules. Invariably you will find that such airlines do not allow more than one free baggage. You therefore end up paying a handsome amount to accommodate the excess baggage. This can be an exorbitant sum at times. You have the option of travelling light, but usually it does not happen this way. The best way out is to check out the airlines rules about free baggage. Compare the rates of the airlines that allow one baggage with those that allow additional free baggage. This will give you a better idea.

·         Sticking to an inflexible schedule

It is always better to have a flexible schedule. Check out alternative airports. You might find better options. Consider you have to travel from Jaipur to Kochi. This is an odd combination. There will not be many flights from Jaipur to Kochi. Hence, the price will be high. A better option would be to check out the Delhi-Kochi route. There will innumerable options because of the higher volume of traffic. You can always travel from Jaipur to Delhi by road and save a good amount in the bargain. Anyway, the flight from Jaipur to Kochi might have a long halt at Delhi. A flexible schedule always pays you in the end.

·         Not factoring the additional costs

Booking an early morning flight is a good option for you to save money. However, the rules stipulate that you have to reach the airport at least 2 to 3 hours early for checking in. This entails you have to start by around midnight from your house. People with children will understand the problem of waking their children up early. Would you like to save Rs 100 and drag a bleary-eyedthree-year-old daughter to the airport at 3 in the morning? Secondly, taxi fares are higher when you use them at odd hours. It might happen that you might feel the need to have food in the plane especially if it is a long journey. These low-cost airlines normally do not provide free food. It is a common mistake not to factor in these additional costs.

·         Underestimating the in-flight experience

Understand that there is no concept of a free lunch anywhere in the world. When you have low-cost airlines offering cheap air tickets, they have to cut costs somewhere. There are many ways for these airlines to do so. One is by cramping in more seats than you would usually see in a normal airline. This leaves you with less leg-room. Secondly, they tick off the food from the menu. You have to pay for even a bottle of drinking water inside the flight. Hence, it is important to take cognizance of the in-flight experience before booking the ticket. You should not mind paying a bit more for getting these facilities.


It is a great feeling to be able to book cheap flight tickets at lowest airfare. But, you should be avoiding these silly mistakes. This will make your experience that much sweeter.


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