Summary: Here’s a perfect guide for the businesspeople to determine the mobile app development cost and get exquisite services at the best optimal price.

“How much does it cost to create an app?” – I’m sure this question might be occupying your mind every time you think upon entering the mobile app market. Isn’t it so? Though it is quite tough to get an exact value of the cost to make an app, here are some of the factors you can consider for getting an estimate of how much does mobile app development cost:

  1. App Type: What type of app you want to build – a standalone or an interactive one? Depending on your choice, the whole mobile app development process is based. An interactive application will consume more of your savings as compared to a simpler standalone application due to the integration of the cutting-edge technologies and other elements of the tech stack.
  2. App Platform: The platform you wish to build an application for also adds to the mobile app development cost. An Android native mobile app will cost higher than an iOS native mobile app. Whereas, an application build via React Native would let you target both the popular markets at the same at nearly half of the cost required for building individual applications.
  3. App Design: A standard UI design might seem unpleasing and boring, but it is quite cheaper than a customized UI design. As per the experts, a standard mobile app design can be prepared within 150 hours while a customized UI design demands more than 400 hours.
  4. App Complexity: The factors like the number of app screens, the app flow, the challenges into the app development also influence the total mobile app development cost.
  5. Location: The location of the hired mobile app development service providers also have an impact on the overall cost. A development agency from India might charge only $18-$40 whereas a USA-based team might ask for $100-$150 for the same work.
  6. Team Size: The number of experts dedicated to your app project also make a difference in the overall app costing. A freelancer or a small scale company might deliver mobile app development services at the rate of $2000 to $25,000, whereas a large-cap app development company might charge for about $450,000 to $1,500,000 for the same app project depending on their team size.
  7. App Testing: Though often overlooked, the app testing is a crucial phase of the mobile app development process. In this phase, you deal with bugs and glitches that might affect your end user’s experience with your app.

The price for app testing depends on the type of testing you perform, the tools you employ, the number of app screens, and the possible bugs.

  1. App Launch: The app launch cost depends on the platform you are launching your application. If you are launching your mobile app on Google Play Store, it will cost you a one-time fee of $25, whereas launching an application on the App Store will take $99/year.
  2. App Marketing: App marketing is another important element of the app development process. Here, you focus on promoting your mobile application to make it easier to achieve the desired ROI.

There are different methods and platforms to promote an app. While some are free, some demand for a heap of notes. The cost depends on the type of marketing you prefer.

  1. App Maintenance and Update: The app development process does not end up at launching a mobile application. You need to optimize your app, resolve the issues recorded by the end users, and keep your app updated with the current marketing scenario.

As per the mobile app experts, the app maintenance takes up to 40% of your app development cost. While the app update cost depends on the new features and technologies you plan to incorporate into your mobile app.

Now as you know the 10 major factors influencing the mobile app development cost, what’s your plan?


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