There is no doubt that people become too busy in their present life due to work pressure. Sometimes, you need to travel for your job with the bike. Sometimes, you may cook or doing some work. Suppose, you are busy with these activities and your cell phone is ringing, what will you do then?

It is not possible to receive the phone with one hand and perform your job with the other hand. That is why; you should use the Bluetooth earphone which will help you to solve this trouble. If you use it, your two hands are free to work and you can move 7 to 8 meters from your cell phone. You can buy mobile earphones online.

Which Bluetooth Earphone will you use?
Yeah, it is million dollar question as in the market; there are lots of companies which are selling the Bluetooth earphones. The best is Boult Grey Audio Curve Neckband Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Magnetic Earphone with Mic. You may say that among all it will be more comfortable for you.

Just have a glance about its features:

Easy to connect:

It is very easy to connect with the cell phone. You have to press on the bottom and you will see a red or blue light. It means it on. Then you need to on your cell phone’s Bluetooth. You will get an option on the cell phone. You have to click on the option. Your cell phone will be connected to the Bluetooth Earphone. You will get a sound of the connectivity.

Comfortable to use:

It is very comfortable to use. If you used any neckband Bluetooth, previously you must realize about it. But Boult Grey is the most comfortable Bluetooth to use.

Range of distance: You can move at least 7 to 8 meters from your cell phone.
Sound quality: Its sound quality is just excellent. You can easily increase the volume and decrease also.
Call control: You can control the calls.
Music: You can hear the music very clearly.
Battery Backup: It has a good battery backup. If you once charged 1 to 2 hours, you can use it at least 150 hours.
Light Weight: Its weight is very light, but it is very strong. Apart from this, it is durable.
Noise cancellation: Its noise cancellation is okay. When you will use it, outside noise would not disturb you.
Style: It is very stylish for the present era.
Sweet-resistant: It has a Sweat-resistant.
Extra size pairs of ear buds: If you buy it through online, you will get 2 extra size pairs of earbuds.
Latest Bluetooth technology: It has bought the latest Bluetooth technology, 4.1.
Warranty period: It has a warranty period of 1 year. If you face any trouble, you can send it to the company. You will get back a new earphone.

Final Word and Pricing

Boult Grey Audio Curve Neckband Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Magnetic Earphone with Mic

Priced at – Rs 1949

Buy From – Myntra (Exclusive)

If you want a fabulous sounding bluetooth earphones for music listening and calling under Rs. 2000 then just go for them.


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