As someone who has never been able to totally quit smoking cigarettes entirely, always keeping my habit to at least a couple per week, I was quite intrigued when I caught wind of this new potential use for CBD hemp oil. I don’t know why I’m even surprised though honestly because it seems that CBD can possibly have a hand in almost any aspect of human health, in at least some small way. Although it was a small study, The University of London did conduct a small double blind study on possible links between quitting cigarettes and the use of CBD to alleviate cravings. Out of 24 participants who were all previously attempting to quit their cigarette addiction, half were given an inhaler containing a placebo and the other half were given actual CBD in their inhaler. In the end the results showed that 40% less cigarettes were smoked in the group with the real CBD inhaler. There is much need for more in depth and wide scale studies of this nature, but this is a promising beginning.

So how might CBD hemp oil even play a role in the battle to conquer a nicotine addiction? Well nicotine, to put it briefly, does promote releases of dopamine which when repeated over and over throughout the days, can cause some serious confusion in your brain’s reward systems. Eventually the feeling of calm and euphoria, although quite subtle or even non-existent for long time smokers, is associated with the cigarette and you begin to crave that state of mind when tension rises. CBD already has a growing reputation as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals in the treatment of various kinds of anxiety. By reducing the anxious feelings, CBD oil might reduce the intensity or frequency of cravings a quitting smoker might feel. There’s a lot more science to be done, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see if it helps you if you haven’t been having any success with other methods. Smoking is a horrible addiction and a tough one to beat fully into the ground. It might also help anyone struggling out there to get a vape pen to consume their doses of CBD hemp oil, the physical act of holding it in your fingers and inhaling from it might work wonders!



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