Having children is certainly rewarding and caring for them is one of life’s big responsibilities. Looking after your kids is a full-time job irrespective of whether you are a working or a stay at home parent. If your childis a minor, there’s more work involved as you need to ensure that all of your children’s documents are in place for school, travelling or day care.

As a parent, it’s important that you make your child’s future as secure and safe as possible and for that you need to have the following important documents in place for your children.

  •       Their Birth Certificate

After the birth of your children, the first and foremost document that you’d want is their birth certificate. This document stands as proof of the place your child was born, their birth date and how you are related to the child. This document will be required at various events in your child’s life, such as enrolling them for day care and school, boarding an airplane and eventually, getting a driver’s license.

Usually a representative at the hospice will get you an application for birth certificate after the delivery of your child. Once you complete that, you can choose between submitting the form to the hospital representative and returning it by mail. Once you do that, the birth certificate can usually be acquired between 7 to 10 days by mail.

  •       Health Insurance Cards

If you do have health insurance in place, your child is normally covered by your policy for 30 days. In those initial 30 days, you should see to it that you add your child to your policy to ensure the continuation of the coverage. If you fail to do this, majority of the insurance companies will not allow you to add anyone to your existing policy until your subsequent renewal period.

Most companies will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate to add them to your health insurance policy.

  •       Records of All Vaccinations

Your child has to get a series of injections over the first couple of years, with your seal of approval of course. The hospital will provide you with a vaccination card so that you can document the date and type of vaccination whenever your child gets one. This record will become extremely crucial to the medical history of your child and will be required when you register them in day care or school. These records can play an important role in case there are any medical issues that your child goes through in the future.

  •       Passport

If you have plans to travel internationally with your children or give birth in another country, they are certainly going to need a passport. Irrespective of whether your child is just a day or a couple years old, passport is a must to travel out of the country. The procedures for applying for a passport are the same for children as they are for adults, the difference being you will have to apply in person and take your child along with you. Other documentation consists of proof of citizenship by you and your child for which the birth certificate will suffice.

  •       Nomination for Permanent Guardianship

Permanent Guardianship form is a document where you can name or nominate people who will care for your children in case of your incapacity to do so or if you die.  It is equally important to consider naming guardians for a short-term for your children, but it’s even more important to think of someone who can raise your kids in case you can’t. You will be at peace knowing that your children are taken care of in your absence and it is also important that your child is kept out of the system and is not sent from one foster home to another.

And to do that, nominating permanent guardians to raise your kid in case you cannot is crucial. By doing this you get to decide in advance the person who can be trusted with the responsibility of your child/children. It’s won’t be up to a judge to make this decision as he/she obviously doesn’t know you or your family. Unfortunately, majority of the parents do not plan ahead for the care of their minor children in the right manner leaving their kids at risk even if they have a Will.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a Will. Making provisions in advance with the guardians you have chosen for your children by way of Wills is another thing that you must seriously consider as a parent. In this manner, your child’s future will be as secure as possible because all their documents are in place and provisions are made for them well in advance should anything happen.


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