Dark purple hair shades are flattering and captivating, and every modern lady will want to try one. Just wear one and see the number of heads that will turn whenever you pass by! If you wear it right, everyone will be talking about your killer style.

Read below some of these gorgeous dark purple hair color ideas and see how they can transform your look. They are trend styles, and people loved them, and we know you will too.

  1. Dark Purple Lob

You will want your hair color to match the state of the weather. This dark purple hair color will explicitly help you achieve that. It is a style that doesn’t need much extended sleek locks for you to enjoy various colors.

The waves added further makes this hair livelier, and that could be an excellent option for you if you have fine hair. Also, the lowlights and highlights make this style irresistible with the curls enhancing bounce that makes the haircut sexier.

  1. Purple Hair with Dark Base

For the lazy girls, dark roots are always a choice to go for. When you accentuate a shaded look with a darker-rooted look, you get a lazy (but cute) look, and that is without much effort. If you are blessed with naturally dark hair, this look will be suitable for you, but you have to be patient with the roots to show through.

The base is left naturally dark and applying a pop of glossy purple leaves it stunning-no limitations whatsoever.

  1. Dark Purple Bob

This is suitable for the ladies with an oval-shaped face. However, it doesn’t come that easy. You will have to go through some shades of purple to choose the one that will look great for your skin tone. However, a long bob is an ideal way to loosen up your hair.

By trimming the dead trimmings will leave you with a healthier hair, and in the long run, the rate of your hair growth will be accelerated. Sometimes you have to decide to approach your stylist and ask for a cut, but when you see this purple, the transition will be much more comfortable.

  1. Melted Purple and Lavender Hair

This is merely various shades that have been mixed so stunningly that you can’t identify where one starts or ends. There are a variety of colors of purple you can select from, which implies that you have unlimited ways in which you can tailor your look and make it unique for you. To achieve this, pick two or three hues that complement each other well and blend them. You don’t just don’t know the magic you might end up with!

  1. Medium Length Style

Dark purple hair color blends perfectly well with dark red. The reds are maintained at the nape and seamlessly fade into a cute purple blend.


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