Successful personal trainers will have several different clients in their stable at any given time, which means that there is more to their job than simply helping people reach their fitness goals. Trainers need to be organized and aware of all the specific needs of the people they undertake to train. This usually means keeping copious notes, as well as trying to keep track of where everyone is in terms of progress. It can all be a little bit of a logistical nightmare, but there are tools out there that can help keep everything straight. This includes Fitfix, which may well just be the best personal trainer app on the market.

The Fitfix app can be used by trainers on their tablet, and they can then use it to create an incredible database that holds all the pertinent information on each of their clients. We will talk about all the features that come with the app in a moment, but let’s first talk about one of the most exciting aspects of the Fitfix app. Clients will also want to be able to quickly see their schedule and their progress, and that can be done via a branded app for their smartphones. The personal training industry is a competitive one, and being able to give clients a great app as part of your services may well be what sets you apart from the competition.

Fitfix positions itself as the bestpersonal trainer app because of the amount of information that you can maintain for each client. This is more than just a digital calendar used for scheduling, as it allows you to get into very specific details for each person. Besides their personal and contact information, you can keep track of their fitness regimens, their meals plans, training log, progress chart, and much, much more besides.

You can instantly gain access to their goals and can keep notes that will help you remember smaller details that help create an exercise plan for each client. It also helps make the training process a little more personal when you are easily able to remember information that has been shared with you in the past. People looking to get in shape want a personal trainer who understands their specific needs, which can be tough to do when you are seeing 4 or 5 different clients per day, 5 or 6 days per week.

The Fitfix app makes organization easy and cuts down on the amount of time that you must spend writing down notes and somehow hope they don’t get lost. Being able to give each client a branded fitness trainer app is a huge selling point that simply cannot be ignored. They can check in at any time to see how they are progressing, and can see just how well their hard work is paying off. If you are a personal trainer and are currently spending more time taking notes and updating schedules than you are training your clients, then you need to look at the Fitfix and what it can do for your business.


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