Getting the desired media attention is no doubt one daunting task, you might be Sharing the best possible articles and curating your content just to grab the attention of the journalists and the media but there are chances that you aren’t getting your Desired results. Well, first of all, you should not lose hope and stay constant with Your struggles no matter what. One of the worst things that you can do to yourself and to your business is to lose hope and get disappointed when you are getting the Expected and desired results. Honestly, you have to keep one thing in your mind that You will only win if you know to lose. Just keep this agenda in your mind and you will Win for sure.

Secondly, know that you are not alone on this and there are several other small Business owners and entrepreneurs out there who are unable to get the attention of the media no matter what. You see the thing is that almost all the journalists and Editors out there have overflowing mails and messages which is the major reason Why your content or your releases are not being noticed and in such a situation you Obviously have to work on following up. Follow ups are quite important if you really Want to get the attention of the media outlet that you want but even if that technique Isn’t working and if you are badly failing at it then here are a few things that you Might be doing wrong that are affecting your visibility;

1-You don’t have the right contacts 

Maybe you are contacting the wrong outlets and the wrong organization for your Business and maybe you are posting the right content but the target audience for That content is just not appropriate. In such a situation all you have to do is to ensure that your message is being shared with the right audience that is actually interested in your subject. Says Mr. Thapa from NewswireNEXT (

2-You aren’t posting at the right time 

Who says there is no right time to post? There is 100% a proper time for everything that you post or publish. Suppose that you are sending a newsletter for New Year to a media outlet in the month of December, now it is but an obvious fact that the Company will not use or even notice your newsletter because people have already made submissions to them 3 4 months before New Year. This is a simple example that explains that yes, timing does matter a lot.

3-It isn’t relevant

 Relevancy is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. If you are sending an Article to a journalist that is not at all relevant with his field or experience then Obviously your news release is going to get rejected or go unnoticed. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

4-It isn’t interesting 

Sending out bore and dull content is another major mistake that can affect your Content and its distribution to a whole another level. You cannot play with the Journalists and even the public by crafting a boring release because honestly, this Way you won’t be getting your desired results. So, if you really want people to read What you’ve written and if you really want to engage with people then write some Engaging and eye-catching content too. These are a few things that might be affecting the media attention that you want. Follow the tips we gave and check your content again. Moreover, stay constant with Your efforts and make sure that nothing is coming between your content and your Media outlet.


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