It is scorching during the summer time right now in India. North Indians will know it better! Feels like we are in Mercury. During this heat, all we need is the nice AC. Your AC may last from 15-20 years depending how you use them. That is a huge investment, right? You might be confused if it is safe to purchase an AC online. Some trustable e-commerce sites like Flipkart are really trustworthy and if you purchase branded ACs like LG, it is always safe.

So, before you go for purchasing AC, here are some tips to buy AC online.

  • Is The Price Too Good To Be True?

Low prices may look very attractive but they usually don’t come with a product warranty. You will have to look for an installer and the licensed contractors don’t look forward in installing equipment’s that are from third party sources. So, when you find an AC in very less price compared to its competitors, re-check it once.

  • Don’t Miss Checking The Warranty

Before you purchase any AC, you need to read the warranty. You need to aware of the time period it will last and if it is the manufacturer or the seller’s warranty. There can also be some conditions and limitations in it which needs to be known. If you’re making such a big investment, you need to look for 8 to 10 years warranty for compressor and other parts too..

  • Avoid Second Hand Units

When you use a second hand product you miss out warranty and any breakdown or repair has to be done all by yourself. Check if the seller has a transferable warranty of the manufacturer and the terms of the warranty. If it is refurbished, get the details of the damage and the changes made.

  • Recommended vs Required Updates

Not all the recommended updates like whip, disconnect, plenum box, ductwork modification or thermostat is needed. You can either add them or choose not to depend upon the budget. To avoid cost issues ask the professional about such updates beforehand.

  • Avoid Replacing Broken Part

Replacing damaged parts is not a very cost effective solution. Recent studies from Department of Energy suggests that the ACs made now are 30% to 50% more efficient compared to ones in 1970s. They give the same result using less energy. Replacing the air compressor of a 15 year old AC with a new one can cause lifespan issues as they might not be compatible.

We have discussed the tips to get AC online. The LG air conditioners are really good and Flipkart is a good e-commerce site that provides offers time to time. Look for the features and grab your AC soon!


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