“Math has the power to strike fear into the hearts of children,” which is due to the lack of understanding and confidence. The subject of mathematics is so vast that students can see it’s application everywhere around them. Every other object requires the knowledge of mathematics in one or the other way. Consider a chair on which you are sitting, it requires the knowledge of geometry for its manufacturing. The subject of mathematics requires a systematic flow of learning as it is cumulative in nature. In order to excel in an examination, students must have confidence in the subject. Maths can be beneficial for students in every step of life, thus if one wants to have better skills and a good mindset, they must develop confidence in this subject.

Here are the methods to develop confidence and a better understanding of the subject:

(i) Building confidence through regular practice:

Practice makes a man perfect, thus students need to practice daily for concept building. Few minutes of daily practice can be helpful in a long run in gaining confidence and understanding the concepts. It would also be helpful for the students in obtaining a better result for the subject of mathematics.

(ii) Relating the subject to the real world:

Students feel more confident in what they see rather than what they read from textbooks. The subject of maths has real-life application in every field, such as in purchasing of goods with an exchange of money, in construction work involving the knowledge of geometry, surface area and volumes, application in the medical field involving knowledge of measurements, etc. Students find it more beneficial by relating their studies to the real world, which would also be helpful in retaining the concepts for a prolonged duration.

(iii) Make your basics strong:

Students who face problem in their elementary classes, suffer a lot in higher studies. The issues can be in basic maths problems such as problems involving quotients, division, arithmetic, or multiple operations such as Bodmas rule, etc, which are later used in problems of permutation and combination, algebra, quadratic equation, calculus, differentiation etc. Thus if one wants to overcome the fear of mathematics and develop confidence in the subject, the basics of mathematics should be studied well which would be helpful for higher mathematics undoubtedly.

(iv) Learn from your mistakes:

It is of prime importance for the students to learn from their mistakes. Students generally make the same type of mistakes repeatedly until and unless they are taught the correct solving technique. This would be helpful for them in future as well as make them understand the problem-solving method, which will also be helpful in gaining their confidence.

All these techniques can be really helpful in boosting up your confidence and making the subject easy to understand. Subscribe to Byju’s YouTube video channel to learn with engaging video lectures.


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