Are you someone whose daily tasks seem never- ending at work? You may find that your timing and working pattern need adjusting, not your work hours!

It is important to time yourself right with correct tasks and then to attain your day’s goals. Discussed below are some smart ways to accomplish your tasks within the set deadline-

  •      Analyse the outcome, not time:

If you are determining your productivity for a particular day, you must always evaluate the total time taken to complete a task. Generally, people calculate the number of tasks they complete in a day, which ideally should not be the method if you have several tasks on your to-do list.

For example, if you are assigned the work of writing a 1000 word article in 2 hours, then segregate it into 5 sections of 200 words with different titles. This way, you will complete your articles pretty fast.

One way to measure goal accomplishment is to prepare different to-do lists so that you constantly track the time consumed. You can prepare three different to-do lists- one for the morning, the second post lunch and the third to be followed post tea-break.

  •      Prioritise work:

You may have an entire project to complete, and it is quite normal to start thinking of different plans to complete it. Breathe! You do not have to immediately start to ride your horse once you get to know about the race.

Your first move should be to cut down the main project into multiple different layers. Thereupon, prepare an in-depth to-do list precisely mentioning goals to be achieved and possibly technique to achieve them. You can also segregate the list by numbering them according to their priority.

  •      Communicate:

Humans would have evolved and is constantly doing so only because we can communicate and express in various forms. Irrespective you having high patience level and being captain cool of your ship, it becomes difficult to manage versatile crowd of employees.

It is very much crucial to understand and actively listen problems of your employees. This will help you to resolve them and offer them comfortable working environment. Communication is a two way process and hence you have to make sure that your employees understand your requirements and accomplish them within the set deadline.

If you notice that your project needs additional funding then you can take some business cash advance and complete your project on time. This boosts cash flow and you can enjoy the benefit of flexible payments instead of fixed monthly instalments.

This way your project does not come to a standstill and you can continue according your plan. However, it is necessary for you to communicate this is in the right manner to your superiors.

  •      Attitude Adjustment:

A positive attitude at work helps you to overcome all circumstances. People with this attitude can take initiatives at workplace and perform better. They do not shun away from additional responsibilities instead willingly help others to fulfil their responsibilities.

People with this nature go above and beyond what is actually expected from them. They do not compromise on the quality of work and put in all needful efforts get work done.

Such people tend to make better decisions through ethical demonstration and calculated risks.

  •      Avoid Multitasking:

We adopt the notion that we all are multi-taskers. However, if you take up a reality check we aren’t. The truth is multi-tasking is tiresome as it consumes lot of mental strength and energy thereby leaving you exhausted within few hours. On the contrary, you can complete a single task and move to the next one!

It makes more sense to evaluate a single task at a time then multiple tasks all day long. This is so because you do not ideally, think about completing one task because you are distracted by progress of other tasks and your tasks remain pending till the end.

So, the next time you come across the thought of multi-tasking then discard it. Instead, prepare a flow chart of tasks and make sure that you have a breather in between them so that you complete all of them in stipulated time available to you.

  •      Stress Management:

It is important to release stress from time to time. Stress has severe impacts on your mind, body, emotions, behaviour, energy level and health. With these multiple impacts of stress there is no doubt that your performance is likely to have a negative effect of it.  But, the silver lining is that you can shed off this work stress.

Listening to music, reading, spending quality time with family, going for spa, meditation, Zumba classes, gym, etc. are some activities which can help you to relieve from stress. You can also pursue a hobby to churn your creative chords and enjoy doing it.

Sometimes, watching funny videos, movies, surfing or playing video games are some other activities which you can indulge in.

You can also take mini-breaks because they take your mind off work and give you a refreshing feeling. Breaks also help you to concentrate more on work and complete them on time.

Everyone is not lucky enough to enjoy their work. At times, working towards your dream also gives you stress but it is important to constantly chase them. Keep going until you achieve your set goals and if needed, share your responsibilities so that you do not go over-board.


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