“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.” – Dave Willis

As a child, you might have seen people bullying others, and if you’re reading this article, you may have even been victim to bullying yourself. It’s not just about children, even adults get bullied.

Bullying has become a harsh reality of this world; it can lower a person’s self-esteem and make them feel unworthy. But, remember one thing that God loves you regardless of how others treat you and he is always aware of the things that you’re going through. So, have faith in him, as it will give you strength to deal with this situation.

In this article, we have mentioned some points which show how your faith in almighty can help you deal with bullying.

Recognise The Bullying Behaviour

Having a bullying behaviour  makes one a  selfish person who wants to gain personal interests at the cost of other people’s property, peace, or dignity. Sometimes, it can be hard to recognise, but slowly once can see the signs of bully. It’s just a matter of time that you will recognise it.

We simply cannot ignore a bully, as the feelings and conversations that hurt us are hard to be avoided. But, we can at least stand for what is right and what is not.

Seek Wisdom From God To Deal With It

You can respond to a bully in a flesh and carnal nature, but it’s not a spiritual way of dealing with a bully. It is possible that your past interactions with bullies can make you more defensive and reactive, instead of dealing with it thoughtfully and peacefully. But, seeking wisdom from God can help you deal with it in a better way and you’ll not regret your actions after that.

Don’t Follow The Path Of Revenge

Revenge is never a way to sort out things and stop bullies, so don’t follow the path of revenge; choose the path of forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you’re allowing them to continue their behaviour of bullying, it’s more about how good your soul is.

Your heart and soul must be free from bitterness, revenge and retribution. If you’re a free and good soul, then God will take care of all your revenge. Be a holy person and remember that the Almighty is the God of justice and he will repay for all the bullying that happened to you.

Instead Of Ignoring, Take Action

Whenever you try to ignore or appease bullies, they become more empowered to bully you again and again. If bullies keep pushing you, then you have to push back, not physically, but verbally. One thing that bullies hate most is someone standing against them. So, instead of resisting your urge to ignore, take a step forward to be resilient.

It will help you realise that you’re not weak, you have the strength to do good and make people happy. Sometimes God allows bullies in our lives so that we can stand for ourselves and fight back.

Stop Being A Victim Every Time

Bullies signal out those who they see as a weak and vulnerable person. They look for people who are willing to submit to their power play. They see you as a source of entertainment and that’s why they use words that can hurt you.

If they find that their actions and words are not affecting you, it will ruin their entertainment. So, stop being a victim for them by keeping your ego aside. If they’re making fun of you, laugh along with them. Always remember that God is with you, he will help you in every situation if you’ve faith in him.

Take Advice From Other Courageous Believers

Sometimes our plan fails because we don’t get the proper guidance, but if we take help from advisers, we can succeed. Similarly, if you take advice from people who’ve dealt with bullies in the past, it can help you a lot in dealing with it.

By learning from other courageous believers, you can avoid repeating mistakes and make productive progress in dealing with bullies. Having faith in God will build a fort of protection around you so that your trust in him can’t be destroyed by the bullies.

Keep Your Faith Intact While Taking Action

To be honest, there is no a pre-defined way to deal with a bully, as circumstances can be different because of the bully, the person being victimised, and the situation surrounding the events. But, what you can do is develop closeness with God in prayer for the preparation of right and timely action.

Your response towards the bullies can be impractical, harsh, and sublime, but God’s power isn’t limited. If you have faith in God, his purpose and plan will support your actions.

Pray For The Bully’s Deliverance And Liberation

The bully isn’t your real enemy; your enemy is Satan who wants to get your eyes off the God’s love and he can use anyone to do that. So, pray for the bully’s deliverance and liberation, as it will keep you sensitive and aware of their lost soul or their need to build more faith.

God even intervene in lives of those who have a hardened and evil heart, so that they can also have faith in him. There is no such thing that is hard to God, he has his own way to realise people what they are.

Having faith in God can change your perspective towards bullies as well as other situations in your life.


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