Even though there is a level of stigma associated with single-parenthood, the other half of this equation has individuals and parents who are in awe of single parents. But, most single parents will tell you this, it is not easy and sometimes, they only feel that they are winging it – the general avoidance rule doesn’t apply!

Whether you are excelling at the single parenting thing, or you feel that you are only getting by, here are some hacks which will make life a lot easier.

  • You need a community for support

Anyone with a child will tell you that you cannot do it all alone, and it is true. Despite the fact that we all live in an egotistical society where narcissists are born daily, you need to know that parenting is not the kind of thing you get into selfishly. You need a support system or a community to survive the hard bits and for support when you are down or unavailable. Parenting is overwhelming. Your support system could consist of your friends and family, as well as local single parents. You can also join the online single parent community.

You never know how important the simple act of car-pooling is until the day you are running late to a meeting, or you are sick and unable to drive or pick your child from school.

  • Me-Time

You don’t have to have narcissistic tendencies to want time away from all the drama and madness. As mentioned above, parenting becomes a little too much, too often than you think hence the need for time out. Since you probably have a demanding job, you can easily get a burnout.

It is, therefore, important for you to carve out some time to rest, refuel and recuperate. Get a babysitter or make use of the community mentioned above. You cannot work every day of the week and expect to function optimally at home and the office.

  • Treat your kids as kids

Even though you will want to fill the gap left by the absence of one partner, you should treat your kids like the kids they are. So, don’t spoil them, and even more importantly, don’t use them for support and companionship.

  • Don’t get obsessed with the things beyond your control

The first step to single parenthood is acceptance of the fact that you may lack the ability to offer some things that other parents can. For your well-being and that of your kids, you should get guilt out of your life and just do the best that you can. You have the right and the ability to say no to your kids. Set firm boundaries too.

  • Schedule time to spend playing with your kids

Most single parents attribute kids to be their source of energy. Playing in the park, backyard and the house gives you time to your kids. Also, for some unknown reasons, kids have this magic power to rejuvenate and make you happy even when you just want to cry. Treasure those moments, and show your kids that you love them. As they say, kids always remember the time you spend with them.

  • Be happy

Happiness is infectious; a positive attitude is contagious. A positive attitude is all that you need to get through the ups and downs of your life.

Finally, you need a clutter-free house, Amazon Fire (it is age-appropriate), and booze.


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