How young or old we are, what is wished is for a flawless younger looking. As we ages, the pores and wrinkles starts to pop up making the skin look worse and gloomy. So prevention is always better than cure to deal with such problems related to aging.

Now a days in market millions of products are available claiming to be having anti-aging properties for more youthful skin. But it should be always noted that using the correct products are very important to minimize fine lines and wrinkles that starts to appear as you age. Among them widely used and accepted product is new generation anti-aging serums which has powerful skin rejuvenating properties and works best for all skin types.

What this kind of serum does is to hydrate the skin, improves skin texture, give more radiance to the skin and of course fight wrinkles. Unlike other products, it goes deeper and get the job done because it is much lighter than the creams and lotions, making it easier to penetrate to the skin. But as said earlier, be wise to choose what suits for your skin.If you have sensitive skin, it is better to choose serum which have natural ingredients and formulas that helps to prevent lines and wrinkles. For dry skin, opt for fruit oil based serums to moisturize first and work on further. Serums are like oil, people with oily skin are recommended to choose one with acne fighting properties to fight against acne which will be a major concern if you have oily skin. People with normal skin gets the most benefit as they can choose a serum that has every anti-aging properties to fight aging. For combination skin, serum that improve the skins firmness and hydration should be opted for.

Main functions

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps in tightening the pores
  • Make the skin smooth and soft
  • Helps in giving the skin an even tone
  • Supports in skin firmness
  • Brings back the radiance to the skin
  • Moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated

Varieties of serums are available which are free of allergens, alcohol, and paraben. For those who don’t like fragrances in their serum, fragrant free serums are available in the market. Latest technologies are used to produce new generation anti aging serum and to enhance longevity.

As serums are newcomers in the market, people are confused about when it should be used and how it I to be applied. To make it go deeper into the skin, before applying make your skin slightly moist with a hot towel to open up the pores. Apply serum in dots all over the face and blend lightly. Tap your face with fingers to make serum go deeper on to the skin. Never use too much serum as it can block the pores. On the question when to use it, as it is highly active, it should be applied first. Only after the serum is completely dry you can go further with your usual skincare routine.


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