Some people may think that taking shooting wedding videos is not necessary on their wedding day, but in fact, these folks are actually missing out on something important. Wedding photos and videos alike are some of the best things for keepsake during your lifetime. One’s wedding day goes by very quickly, and you will soon start to miss it and want to look back at the footage from time to time.

There is nothing like having a wedding video that capture the fun details, expressions and faces of your family and guests as well as the moment when you and your spouse made your vows. There are some moments you may miss during your wedding, and a wedding video can capture the aforementioned for your viewing at a later point of time. In this article, you will learn about some of the top secrets behind capturing the best wedding moments on video.

Acquire “B-roll” coverage

This form of coverage is vital to produce wedding videos with professional quality. To get such footage on video, simply set up a tripod to capture exterior shots of the building that hosts the wedding venue, or at the food and floral arrangements and at architectural features as well.

Turn up for the wedding rehearsal

It is important that you attend wedding rehearsals before the actual day, especially if you are making wedding videos for the first time. Being at the scene of rehearsal allows you to avoid problems regarding blocked views, microphone placement and lighting in advance. The rehearsal also gives more time to consult with the newlyweds for changes in preferences and etc. Rehearsals also give you more time to accommodate to last minute requests before the real wedding day rush comes on.

Get to know what LUX ratings are

LUX ratings are simply a measurement of a camera’s sensitivity, and it is a factor that’s important to consider when procuring a video camera. Cameras that have lower LUX ratings are suited for use in low light conditions. In fact, most weddings often take place in low light situations, for example, reception halls, synagogues and churches are places where cameras are required to operate with a low LUX rating. Simply put, video cameras that are more sensitive to light can capture wedding videos with better quality.

Get backups of the audio

Capturing quality audio for wedding videos can be a little tricky. Certain remote microphones can pick up certain voices better than others and glitches at the last minute can prevent you from recording any audio at all. Hence, this is one of the reasons why many professional videographers are acquiring audio recorders to back up the audio on-site. These audio recorders are priced reasonably and you can get several microphones to record various audio sources too.

Choose the correct gear

With constant technological advancements, current video equipment and peripherals can become obsolete quickly. But on the other hand, you do not need gear that is on the highest-end to shoot quality wedding videos. The basic gear will suffice to shoot great wedding videos. What you need at the minimum is a remote microphone system, a fluid head tripod, an HD camcorder and audio recorders.


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