People get addicted to anything. When smartphones become popular people are an addict to it, people are also addicted to various games like angry bird, temple run, subway surfers, flappy bird and much more. In the 2017 people find another game to waste their precious time very conveniently by playing Ludo star day and night. Every person plays Ludo in their childhood. And now it is available in the form of an app. Ludo star app allows you to play Ludo with your friends or with any random people that we do not know. There is no reason why people are not addicted.

As there is a trend of playing Ludo star as well as people take a screenshot and display in their profile when they get won. But currently this app is considered non-Islamic and another news finds that India agencies are spying Pakistan information through Ludo star game.

So for different reasons, it is ban to all over the Pakistan. It is also

India used Ludo star to collect information about Pakistan

 As we all know that Facebook is save all your messages and calls on your mobile. There are various devices that hack information from your smartphones.

Edward Snowden, former technical assistant to CIA’s exposed a news in 2013 that digital spy program “Perism” become increases. There are different agencies in the US that getting user’s information from Facebook, Skype, Apple, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Paul Talk and Yahoo.

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, the United States National Security Agency and the Mossad of Israel, are the main source of a digital spy in all over the world and get personal information, videos, emails, and pictures.

What Happen When You Install Ludo Star Game on Your Mobile

When you install any app on your mobile it transfers all your data to the different servers. According to the research, it is found that 53% apps are stealing data from the mobile which is very dangerous. The most common example is Flashlight app that gives light in the dark but on the other side, it stole your contact list.

Another main source is Fiber Optic through which global communications are observed.

According to Guardian report, the UK has got the two hundred fiber optic cables that they used to monitor six hundred million communications on regular basis. Also mobile tapping, 18 viruses are designed every day, to get human digital data.

The question arises here why they invest their billions of dollars on the spy of ordinary people are the objectives of global establishments, its simple according to the New Yorkshire order, every country is to develop its control globally. A person wants to go at any level. For this purpose everyone’s transaction, thinking, registrations on the Internet.

 All the information of the people has recorded even information of region that you belong. All the data is used to understand the psychological behavior of people.

All type of information is at risk:

Now it is not hard to design a zodiac you just need some collective information, ideas, and expectation of people. Information about the life, psychology, and economy of a country are very powerful.

Do it According to the Washington Post report, the US secret agencies expand spy network to collect information about chemical and surgical weapons in Pakistan in the 178 pages documented by the Top Deposit Budget Documents Black Budget.

According to the March 2013 revelations, Pakistan is rank second in the list of global detective organizations, in which a quarter of almost 30 billion people information has been reported in a month.

According to the 2013 report, there is 30 billion people information has been reported in a month. This show that Indian agencies start getting information of a Pakistani people.


So now it is understood that there is a risk everywhere when you connect your mobile to the internet. Also, notice that when you install a Facebook app it also ask permission to get access to your personal information. It includes your call history, pictures, and contact list. They get your information anytime when they need. The only precautions you can take while installing any app is that scan your device with the latest antivirus.

Update about Ludo star data accessing:

 But on the other hand, it somehow a humor or misunderstanding. A Ludo star game owner declares that they use data to make this game more exciting. They also confirm that they cannot share their customer data with any third party.

It is very common that all apps either Facebook, google app and another app for games and social media apps required to get permission for our data. If we can’t give them access you can’t play any game with your Facebook friends.

The government takes Ludo star data to measure the jobless index.

The government also use different game data to find out the number of jobless people in a country. Currently, the government started taking data from various agencies to measure the joblessness. As Ludo star is one of the most famous games that are played by many jobless people when they are active. It brings all such people on a single platform.

Author Bio: Author of this article, Enrique Richard is an educator and major in Social Education. He is a freelance writer and Do my Assignment has made valuable contributions to magazines and blogs.


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