Who said that men’s fashion comes with limited options! There are a lot of choices if you are willing to try them out and want to create new looks.

Well, one of the most comfortable outfits for men is t shirts. There are plenty of t shirts for men styles out there that almost anyone and everyone can try out if they are willing to experiment with their look and style and want to stay in vogue. So, here are some of the basic t shirt styles that any man can give a shot:

  1. Round neck tees: These are a must for any man’s wardrobe. You have to have round neck t shirts because they are ideal for any casual look that you might want to pull off. You can wear them with a simple pair of jeans and flip flops or even sneakers. Quote round neck tees are a rage these days that more and more men are opting for these days. You can also get a little creative if you are good with the paint brush. You can buy round neck tees and then paint colourful strokes and designs on them to create a look of your own.
  2. Polo neck tees: These two are another must have for men. They are semi-formal in their appearance and work really well for occasions which are casual as well as formal. If you have a penchant for playing golf, then having this t shirt type is a must for your wardrobe. They are best paired with a pair of sneakers, though you can wear these with flip flops and sandals as well. If you are heading out to a semi casual lunch with your boss and colleagues, then this is will be ideal for the occasion.

  1. Linen t shirts: You have to buy linen t shirts for men especially for the summer months. These come in very nice and soothing colours and the material is so soft and breathable that you will feel comfortable even during the hottest of summer days. These can be paired with shorts or jeans and are ideal as beach wear as well. When heading to the beach you can also wear cool hat with this along with shorts and flip flops to complete a casual and relaxing look. During the winters you can wear them under a blazer for semi-formal look.
  2. Long line t shirt: Well, if you are all game for adding a modern touch to your wardrobe, then you can try out this style of t shirt. These are long, ending a little above the knee, and hence, work best with a pair of jeans.

  1. Knitted t shirts: If you want to show off your toned body a little and feel comfortable and sporty while doing so then you can wear knitted t shirts. These too can be worn for both formal as well as causal occasions.

There are other t shirt styles for men as well that will work well for any man. So explore a little and have one of each!


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