Asia is a huge continent with a different type of cultures, flavors, ethnicities and influences and that’s why it is just next to impossible to pick out a specific dish that can define the Asian delicacy. This is the reason why a lot of people really like Asian cuisine. It is an utopian amalgamation of every imaginable ingredients that ranges from rice and vegetables to different types of meats. Different types of spices are the another great attraction. You will find different spices like garlic, onions, tofu, soy, fruits, sesame seeds etc. The Asian items are cooked either by steaming, deep frying or stir frying.

Now it’s time to know about the very popular Asian delicacies and their origin

Beijing Duck Roast

According to a popular saying, there are two things to do when you go to Beijing, visit the Great Wall and having a Beijing roast. You will really love starting to grow a pure love for Chinese foods after having this special Beijing Roasted Duck dinner. A lot of famous food critics have already admitted the fact that that it is one of the best dishes in the world.

Chinese Dumpling:

Dumpling is one of the most ancient dishes of Asia. The first dumplings were created more than 1,800 years ago, in 225 AD, during the time of Three Kingdoms Period. No matter exactly where they were originated, we can simply say that dumplings have been around for thousands of years and have gone through a significant path if evolvement. Now Dumplings have become so much popular that you can find dumplings stores available worldwide. World famous chiefs have created lots of cookbooks describing hundreds of dumpling varieties. The most popular and delicious dumplings are Laobian dumplings, the Jiaozi dumpling, the Wonton Dumpling, and the Xiaolongbao soup dumpling.

Spring Roles:

Spring roles, as the name suggests are the light items and mainly served during the time of spring. The first existence of spring role were reported during the Tang dynasty in China. According to tradition these spring roles were sent to the close relatives, friends and special people to mark the beginning of the season of Spring and that’s the reason it is known Spring Role.

Indian Carrot cake:

The Carrot cakes are typical staple dessert of India. This cake is made with carrot and purified butter, tastes really decadent. This special cake falls somewhere between traditional Indian carrot made dessert called Gajar ka Halwa and American carrot cake.

Now you might have become familiar with the different types of popular Asian delicacies and it’s time to go for a Asian food venture.

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