Exams play a vital role in our life as it acts as a stepping stone for our further higher studies. It does not only review our skills and knowledge but also helps us know where we stand amongst our peers. Furthermore, marks obtained in an examination helps students to select a stream for specialization and also to get into the desired college.

In this competitive world, students need to give their best efforts with a different set of technique to get exceptionally good results. Students need to prepare for their subject in a given course of time facing all the odds like stress, nervousness etc. to score good marks.

Here are a few important tips and tricks to score good marks in class 9 exams.

The most important thing which students should know before starting their preparation is their exam syllabus. Therefore plan your preparations according to the NCERT syllabus for class 9.

Focus more on weak areas rather than the strong ones as they help to perform best in their finals.

Never try to memorize the concepts blindly. Understand and learn in an easier way by creating a mind map, flash cards and by drawing a flowchart.

Make sure to cover the syllabus on time and refer to more examples to make the topic clearer and easier.

Never ignore practicing questions from the NCERT textbooks, as it includes all the important questions and is prepared according to the current NCERT syllabus.

Students are advised to solve more sample question papers and previous year question papers to enhance their preparation.

The best way to improve memory skills is through revision. Therefore, every student should make a habit of revising all the important terminologies, formulas, theorems, diagrams, etc.

Have a self-test, as it helps to gain more confidence towards your preparation and removes the exam stress and phobia.

These were some important tips and tricks to score good marks in class 9 exams. For more tips and tricks, visit BYJU’S website and also learn by watching various subject related YouTube videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.



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