It has long been an Australian tradition to rent a cheap campervan hire and set out on a backpacking trip across this rugged and beautiful land. Many thousands of backpackers have journeyed through the various amazing terrains of Australia, blazing many trails that have been passed down to younger generations of travellers. The great thing about all this travelling is that locals generally look favorably upon backpackers and there are many businesses that accommodate these travellers along the trail. This makes for a welcoming, positive traveling experience. If you are planning your own Australian backpacking trip, then make sure to keep this backpacker friendly accommodations on your itinerary.

Base Magnetic Island

The hostel at Base Magnetic is legendary for many reasons. First of all it is cheap and well located. Travelers wake up with a gorgeous view of the sea and sandy beaches. You can either rent a bed or there is an area where visitors can camp out under the stars. The amenities here are terrific and include clean bathroom facilities. This is a party-friendly atmosphere with many beach bonfires and a number of legendary events such as the Full Moon party hosted here each year. Needless to say, Base Magnetic is one of the absolute top destinations along the backpacker trail.

Southern Cross Backpackers

You just won’t find a more perfect oasis than with this backpacker friendly hostel. Situated on 16 lush acres of forest, there are ample gardens and hammocks to lounge in all over the grounds. There are swimming pools, a juice bar, a lake and other swimming holes, and bike and scooter rentals. Many travellers end up spending many days at this welcoming and sunny hostel, commuting with nature and enjoying the company of fellow backpackers. If tranquility and beauty are what you are after, then Southern Cross is definitely not to be missed.


Any travellers on a cheap campervan hire journey through Australia should most definitely stop through Gilligan’s. This backpacker friendly hostel puts you right in the heart of the action and is surrounded by a multitude of dining establishments, boutiques, and nightlife. At the establishment itself you will find a rooftop pool, not one but two nught clubs, and comfortable accommodations. There really isn’t enough that can be said about the luxury and welcoming spirit of this completely legendary hostel, so check it out for yourself when on your journey.

Scotty’s Mission Beach

This is where an adrenaline junkie will find themselves right at home. Scotty’s features everything from skydiving, snorkeling, island hopping oat rides, rafting adventures, kayaking, helicopter rides, and rainforest treks. There is so much to do at Scotty’s you may not even have time to fit it all in, so make sure you plan for a long stay here. After a long day of adventure you can chill out in the amazing pool on the grounds and also enjoy a nice meal. Scotty’s is located right on the edge of some of the most amazing lush rainforests to be found in Australia, so this is the perfect spot to indulge in the beauty of the forest, plus combine relaxing surroundings with a multitude of adventures. Backpackers, travelers, and RVers have been coming through Scotty’s for years, and this is a prime stop along the backpacker trail.

Bounce Sydney

Located right in the heart of Australia’s most famous city, Bounce is truly a backpacker’s urban dream. Not only is the cost affordable but the lodgings are clean and comfortable. The rooftop terrace here is legendary, offering a panoramic view of the skyline and delicious foods, plus the chance to meet and mingle with fellow travelers. Bounce is right within walking distance of many of Sydney’s main attractions, not to mention a plethora of nightlife and dining opportunities. Many travelers start or end their Australian journey’s at Bounce, kicking things off in an urban environment before heading out into the country. When it comes to city hostels, they are known to be hit or miss but at Bounce this is certainly not the case. This hostel strives to keep a clean and comfortable setting and doesn’t charge anywhere near what the hotels do, keeping many a backpacker happy over the years.

Taking a cheap campervan hire and journeying across Australia is definitely the trip of a lifetime. What makes this journey all the more pleasurable is the fact that there is a network of establishments that cater to the needs of backpackers, offering lush grounds and cheap stays for those making their way across this amazing land. Any backpacker would be advised to take an Australian trip, so if you’re embarking on your journey then make sure to keep this backpacker friendly hostels on your list. These spots are the perfect sanctuaries to have some rest and some fun along the trail.



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