Today, same sex marriages have increased significantly as marriage equality rights have been fought and won all around the world. In the United Kingdom, same sex marriage legislation has come into force in 2014 for England, Wales and Scotland while we have just seen the majority vote for the recognition of same sex unions in Ireland this month. As you can expect, the number of same sex marriages will certainly rise in the near future. Like any type of wedding, one of the factors that can make a same sex marriage ceremony stand out is the theme choice for the wedding. Here are some great ideas that you can use as themes for same sex weddings:

Rustic wedding theme

This is a great theme that can put the cosy country touch into your wedding. Take your guests to a place where they are surrounded by mountains and lakes and be the host of a multi-day celebration that is full of quirky do-it-yourself elements, salvaged antiques and sentimental details. They will love it! Pay homage to one of the amazing natural settings while allowing it to be naturally rustic and adventurous. Local flowers, wood signage and a palette of whites and blacks can really let the incredible surroundings take centre stage for your same sex wedding.

Contemporary aquarium wedding theme

If you love going to your favourite waterfront restaurant, then you can choose a wedding theme that is contemporary with the help of water features. Invite your friends and family to witness your same sex union as you say ‘I-Do’ and let this be followed by a contemporary celebration at a venue with an aquarium. If you are both men, then each one of you can be escorted down the aisle by your moms and the opposite can suffice if you are ladies. Select a colour palette that will enhance your simple yet chic aesthetics and include in water features for your modern reception.

Modern artsy wedding theme

You can also choose to wed at one of the museums that feature contemporary art in order to bless the occasion. This will also allow you to celebrate the passage of historic or artistic works. The two of you can exchange vows in an intimate ceremony in the museum’s atrium. For instance, you may also choose to use sleek silver wire chairs that are paired with light-wood tables on the terrace of the museum for additional seating. White vases and low-lying rectangular arrangements can serve as your centrepieces so that they will not attract attention away from the fabulous artwork featured in the museum.

Industrial wedding theme

Industrial-inspired weddings are gaining popularity nowadays. Make sure that you choose a good concept when it comes to the bride and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Royal blue, floor length dresses can do wonders here, for instance. Getting boots for the entire wedding crew can be a real standout too. You can also have them wear gold bangles to complete the circuit. For the centrepieces, you can consider steam punk elements if you really want to add a quirky flair to your big day.

All in all, there are many options when it comes to choosing a good wedding theme that can leave you and your guests with lasting memories. If you are not sure of a suitable theme for your same sex wedding, don’t hesitate to consult with wedding planners or wedding videographers as they have a great list of themes you can tap on.


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