Although it seems normal to wear a suit when we want to look smart, there are alternatives. In fact, there is a new fashion about town that combines smart with casual to create a suit that is not really a suit. Read on to explore this interesting new fashion phenomenon.

In Men’s London Fashion Week, we saw some exciting new designs for smart wear. The new trend is to match the top half and bottom half in the same way a suit does, but without the conservative appearance.

Co-ordinating Materials

This type of clothing is ideal for men who don’t need to wear a traditional suit to work but who still need to looked groomed. Jackets can team with trousers in matching fabrics or co-ordinating materials.

Whether casual in appearance like cargo pants or smarter like twill chinos, matching top and bottom halves have been all the rage since London Fashion Week. This is certainly a suit that is not a real suit, and it is a look that is catching on everywhere.

Complementary Pieces

If you are looking for mens designer shirts such as those available from online stockists like, it is easy to find a matching bottom half to team up with the shirt. You could also use the designer shirt as a standout piece or complementary item to sit between your trousers and jacket.

The match of the fabric could also be more subtle, such as matching colour, matching style, or even matching buttons or finishes. As long as there is a clear combination of top and bottom, it can work as a new style of “suit”.

Alternatives to the Traditional Suit

In the past, there has been a lack of stylish alternatives to the traditional suit. The problem is that men often wear a suit to work but are then expected to wear a suit to go out to a smart event at night. This makes men feel like they are always wearing work clothes.

The suit that is not a suit is the perfect antidote to the constant “work wear” suit. This allows them to look elegant and smart without the need to wear a classic suit. Whether for the office or out at night, the new matching co-ordinate outfit is here to stay.


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