Art is the physical expression of creativity and kids are naturally curious and creative. Art is divided into performing arts, literature and visual arts. In the past, art was considered an activity just to let time pass by, but in recent years, schools have incorporated art lessons into the curriculum because of the role art plays in child development. It is therefore imperative to expose kids to craft for the reasons below.

1. Boosts creativity

Exposing kids to art pushes them to think with an open mind and outside the box. Kids get to learn how to observe, analyse and interpret. If kids are learning to draw or paint, they begin to learn how to express their feelings without words. To make art they need to use their imagination and in some cases to apply a creative solution to all sorts of challenges. They begin to see that there are multiple ways of viewing things and that the more you act creatively, the more creative you become over time. Art is an excellent outlet that positively stimulates children.

2. Improved performance in academics

Studies show that artistic kids read better than those who are not artistic. Kids who have an involvement in arts show better academic performance than those with less, especially in Mathematics and science. They achieve better school grades and have higher aspirations for their future career path.

3. Cultural awareness

Art introduces children to different cultures from all around the world and teaches them cultural similarities and differences. Different cultures express their customs through rituals and holidays. These rituals are represented using objects that children can make in the classroom using art materials. Kids can then share and learn something new about the world.

When kids travel, the art teacher can encourage the child to share their findings in the art with the rest of the class, and this will make the children develop an interest in other cultures.

4. Boosts confidence

There is no right way or wrong way of doing art. It is purely a way of expressing your emotions and thoughts. Art makes kids feel good about themselves. When kids plan and finish an entire art project, they feel a sense of accomplishment. Tackling a new art task brings gratification and satisfaction to children. This self-confidence they build while doing art overflows into other aspects of their lives giving them an extremely satisfying childhood.

5. Art is fun

Allowing kids to have fun is in the equation of creating balance for them. Art is fun for kids because it gives them room to be themselves. Allowing kids to be kids is paramount for their emotional development. Begin with items such as crayons, drawing equipment, painting techniques or even some fun unicorn magic painting from The Works.

Art is crucial for kids’ development and is hugely influential because it positively affects them. Art offers kids lessons about life, transmits heritage, develops child creativity, their thought process and the way they express themselves.


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