Today, more than 12 million parents are leading single parenthood but it is important to know about the child custody during divorce and legal separation. It is important to know about the age of the child, if the children are less than 18 years of age then it is the complete discretion of the parents. If they are above 18 years of age then they can also have a decision of their own.

In both the cases, there are professional lawyers which help you to go through the turbulent times. We all are aware that child custody battles are complex and also quite worrisome. For this New Way Lawyers, a non-profit law firm which is dedicated to the wellbeing of their clients rather the profit. For them, the motivating factor is winning peoples cases and that they are dedicated to achieving the best possible for their clients. One of the most depressing factors in the legal matters is the cost. The total cost incurred in the legal divorce is sometimes very high and restricts the couple from claiming their legal rights.

Child Custody and Amendments

Australian custody law falls under Australian Parliamentary Law Act 1975. Child custody is something which will child live after the legal separation and divorce. This is known as the physical custody and the decisions about the upbringing of the child are known as the legal custody. Sometimes the joint custody of the child is there and the custody of the child is shared by both the parents.

Child Custody Law in Australia has amendments in 2006. The word ”custody” is no longer used in the Australian law and it is also stated that father can also appeal to the custody of the child. All the laws which are related to children fall under the category that with whom the child wants to “spends time” or “live with”

It is important to know that both the parents are responsible for the upbringing of the child, whether the parents are a couple or were a couple. The share of responsibility for the child is usually 50/50 between both the parents but sometimes the Court decides to allocate unequal share to the parents which also under the “substantial and significant” time allocation. But the Court works on the principle of the “best interest for the child” and thus it is obliged to decide with whom the child will spend time so that it would in the favour of the child.

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